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JMG Special Report in Business Day on Energy Efficient Elevators & Escalators Solutions in Nigeria

In an insightful article from Business Day, JMG's Elevator and Escalator Division takes center stage, showcasing its comprehensive sales and service offerings for TK Elevator (TKE), a globally renowned brand in the vertical transportation industry. Through an interview with Ahmed Mohamed Sameh, the head of the division in Nigeria, readers gain a deep understanding of JMG's product advantages, service excellence, and the unique positioning of the company within Nigeria's elevator and escalator market. Sameh's insights illuminate the industry's landscape, highlighting how JMG's partnership with TKE sets new standards for innovation, safety, and customer satisfaction in vertical transportation. This detailed discussion not only underscores JMG's commitment to elevating industry benchmarks but also explores the broader implications for infrastructure development and urban mobility in Nigeria, positioning JMG as a pivotal player in the country's growth story. For a more comprehensive exploration of JMG's impact and future ambitions in the elevator and escalator industry, the full article in Business Day Nigeria offers an enriching read. Click here to download and read the full article.

Elevator Nigeria

Elevator Nigeria


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