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JMG Ghana



JMG stands at the forefront of technological solutions, segmented into key divisions: Power Generation, Electrical Infrastructure, Air Compressors, Vertical Transportation and Cooling Solutions. Each division is dedicated to providing specialized and innovative solutions in its respective field.

Leading the Way in Power Generation, Solar and Alternative Power Solutions, Electrical Infrastructures, Air Compressors, Elevators & Escalators and Cooling Solutions

Power Generation

Discover unparalleled reliability and efficiency with JMG's Power Generation solutions, featuring FG Wilson and Eletromak generators. 

Air Compressors

Optimize your operations with Kaeser Air Compressors – Where air power meets precision.

Cooling Solutions

Experience superior comfort with Trane Cooling Solutions – innovation meets environmental efficiency.

Electrical Infrastructures

Revolutionize your electrical distribution with Legrand, Indoasian and EAE Electrical Products - Innovation meets functionality.

Inverters & Batteries

JMG offers innovative alternative power solutions, including Inverters & Batteries and Hybrid systems, designed to reduce costs and enhance efficiency.

Solar Power Solutions

JMG Solar Solutions partners with leading brands like Longi, Deye, and MUST to provide advanced solar systems for any application, ensuring efficient and sustainable energy with robust, customizable installations.

Vertical Transportation

Providing cutting-edge vertical transportation solutions, offering advanced elevators and escalators for seamless and efficient movement in buildings. 

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