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Mitsubishi Diesel & Gas Generators 

Mitsubishi Generators Nigeria

Project-Based Power Generation Solutions. At JMG, we specialize in providing Mitsubishi diesel and gas engines for all your power generation needs, from initial proposal to implementation, installation, and maintenance. Our lineup includes engines from 5 kWm to 15,400 kWm, with a mass-production range of 6.2 kWm to 3604 kWm for the EMEA markets, suitable for standby to continuous power applications.
We work closely with our clients, understanding their unique requirements to deliver tailored solutions. From the initial project proposal through to installation and ongoing maintenance, our team ensures seamless execution and reliable performance.

Mitsubishi Diesel & Gas Generators: Powering Large-Scale Projects with Reliability

Mitsubishi Generators Nigeria
Mitsubishi Generators Nigeria

Mitsubishi Generator Sets: Engineered for Maximum Durability and Reliable Performance in Tough Conditions

Mitsubishi generator sets, ranging from 625 kVA to 2935 kVA, are engineered for durability and reliability under tough conditions. They are ideal for standby, emergency, prime, and continuous power applications, including hospitals, data centers, and manufacturing.

Built with Mitsubishi engines, turbochargers, advanced control systems, and top-quality alternators, these sets ensure outstanding performance and ease of maintenance. Designed and produced in Europe, they meet high Japanese quality standards and continuously improve through focused engineering and product design.

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