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JMG Ghana


JMG Maintenance & After Sales

JMG is renowned for its effective maintenance centers and top-ranked 24/7 service response in Nigeria. Offering over 20 service centers nationwide and serving over 15,000 customers, we ensure smooth operation of all brands at competitive rates. Contact us for a quote and experience worry-free maintenance.

Safeguard Your Investment and Ensure Durability: Choose a JMG Service Plan

JMG Maintenance Nigeria

Experience the JMG Difference in Customer Service

At JMG, we go beyond quick responses to ensure exceptional service around the clock. With our dedicated 24/7 teams and nationwide coverage, we offer comprehensive solutions and peace of mind. Contact us for unmatched support in electro-mechanical needs.

Maintaining your generator with JMG not only ensures peak performance but also significantly cuts running costs. Regular service checks save you from costly repairs and extend the lifespan of your generator, maximizing your investment's longevity. Secure a Service and Maintenance Contract with JMG and safeguard your investment.


Ensures your generator set performs at its optimum with genuine spare parts and expert maintenance services

Benefit 01

Safeguard your product's warranty by having it serviced by an authorized team with the expertise to prevent warranty forfeiture. Proper maintenance is key to warranty validity.

Benefit 4

Prolongs your generator set life and make your investment last longer

Benefit 3

Reduces your running costs and Saves you money on expensive repairs

Benefit 02

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