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Meet JMG

JMG ISO Nigeria

JMG stands as a premier provider of electro-mechanical solutions in Nigeria, catering to a wide array of business and industrial requirements. Our services encompass power generation, electrical infrastructure, cooling systems, vertical transportation and air compressors, positioning JMG as your go-to source for complete building and infrastructure solutions.

Powering Nigeria's Development with Comprehensive Electro-Mechanical Solutions

JMG Nigeria

Founded in 1998, JMG Limited has transformed from a generator maintenance service into a leading provider of electro-mechanical solutions in Nigeria. The company now boasts an extensive network of branches and partnerships with top brands such as FG Wilson, ABB, Mitsubishi, Legrand, Trane, TK Elevator, Kaeser Compressors, and more. JMG prioritizes sustainable power solutions, offering solar and cost-effective hybrid options, including Lithion inverters and batteries since 2018 and Livfast inverters & batteries in 2022. In 2024, the company expanded its solar power offerings with LONGi solar panels, Deye lithium batteries, and Must solar inverters, providing a comprehensive range of alternative power solutions to customers. Serving over 15,000 customers with a team of more than 1,000 staff, JMG continues to expand its portfolio, emphasizing sustainability, affordability, and high-quality solutions, as evidenced by its ISO certifications.

A brief on JMG 


At JMG, we foster a collaborative, goal-oriented culture, encouraging team members to work hard and smart, unified in our focus on development and growth.


JMG exceeds expectations by delivering specialized expertise to upgrade homes and businesses with energy-efficient electrical and mechanical solutions, from power to plug.


To be the top provider of mechanical and electrical solutions that offer unrivaled comfort, safety, and efficiency to the structures where people work and live.

JMG's Guiding Principles

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