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JMG Triumphs with TVR Champion Award at Trane Distributors Conference 2024

Thrilled to announce a shining moment at the Trane Middle East & Africa Distributors Conference 2024! JMG has been honored with the prestigious TVR Champion Award. A big congratulations to Mary-Joe Jbara, the head of our Cooling Division and General Manager of the HVAC Division, who accepted this prestigious award on behalf of the entire JMG team.

Trane Technologies TVR products stand at the forefront of cooling technology, offering unmatched efficiency and reliability. These systems are designed for optimal performance, ensuring a sustainable and energy-efficient solution for all your cooling needs.

At JMG, we're dedicated to delivering top-tier cooling solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing setup or seeking a new installation, our expert team, backed by award-winning technology like Trane's TVR, is here to ensure your environment remains perfectly chilled.

Let us help you keep cool with the best in the business. Visit our webpage and leave us a message at to get a quote and find out how our award-winning approach and Trane’s innovative products can enhance your environment. Let’s make cooling exceptional together!


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