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JMG expands Mitsubishi power generation coverage in Nigeria's manufacturing sector.

JMG Limited, a leader in the power generation industry in Nigeria and the official partner of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries since 2014 have seen growing interest and support from both local and multinational companies for the Mitsubishi Diesel & Gas Generator brand.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, a pioneer and manufacturer of high quality engines since 1917 is renowned for its proven engine technology that produces high efficiency power systems. Mitsubishi have claim on the highest power generation efficiency in the world exceeding 44% for high-speed and 48.5% for medium speed generators. They manufacture superior engines totaling 10GW output every year and featuring the world’s fastest ramp-up rates. Their elegant engineering designs and heavy-duty components have proven to be an excellent fit for the demanding environmental & operational conditions in Nigeria. Mitsubishi generators are rapidly establishing themselves as the first choice for large scales companies in need of continuous reliable power.

JMG is rapidly gaining market shares with their Mitsubishi generator brand, with the latest example being the partnership with the Nigerian Eagle Flour Mills, a subsidiary of Flour Mills of Nigeria PLC, who have purchased and installed at their factory in Ibadan a 2,250kVA Mitsubishi Diesel Generator, which has been successfully synchronized with their existing cummins generators on site.

Mr. Yiannis Tsantilas, JMG's Power Generation Division General Manager said: "Mitsubishi's diesel and gas generating set have a robust engineering integrity which are a perfect fit for the demanding local conditions. Their engine technology, initially conceived for ships, is proven and trusted to generate power continuously while having a long-life endurance. There is no room for replacements or faults on board large ships! With the support of JMG's expertise we were able to establish win-win cooperation for all stakeholders”.

Mr. Panos Dimas, Head of the Power Plant Division of Flour Mills of Nigeria PLC states: “It was our great pleasure to learn of the availability of Mitsubishi generating sets in the Nigerian power generation market. We already have a superb relationship with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries engines through our fleet of vessels. We are confident that JMG’s capabilities, coupled with Mitsubishi’s power generation technology will take our experience to the next level. JMG Ltd demonstrated excellent engineering skills by synchronizing the existing sets from another manufacturer with the newly supplied Mitsubishi generator in a record time of less than 2.5 days from the time of the delivery”.

JMG sees itself as a positive contributor to the manufacturing sector in Nigeria by providing captive power plants solutions. Mr. Mazen Jubaili, Managing Director of JMG concluded: "We are confident that the engineering know-how, equipment and support we can deliver to our customers through our relationships with multinational partners will accelerate the economic growth of Nigeria."

For more information on JMG's Mitsubishi Diesel & Gas Range please click here.

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