JMG offers compressors from one of the largest and most successful worldwide suppliers of air systems, offering products, services and complete systems for the generation, treatment and delivery of energy in the form of compressed air. The system solutions aim at optimal economy and efficiency. 

Kaeser Compresso

With the world-renowned SIGMA PROFILE, Kaeser Compressors Rotary Screw is designed to meet the toughest of operational demands. User friendly and easy to maintain, it operates quietly and efficiently to provide a cost-effective and dependable source of quality compressed air. These attributes are the result of many innovative solutions in such areas as air ends, industrial PC controllers, IE3 Premium Efficiency motors, cooling and ventilating, sound attenuation, maintenance and servicing.


The MOBILAIR portable compressors in this product group provide exceptional versatility. Optionally available with synchronous generators and / or compressed air treatment components, these compressors are also offered in various maximum pressure versions. A large selection of various configurations to ensure that an appropriate model is available to meet the needs of virtually any application.

AIR DRYERS - With Enhanced Energy Savings

Refrigeration dryers significantly reduce energy consumption compared to conventional systems with continuous control because the refrigerant system is shut down during breaks, periods of low demand and downtime. The refrigeration circuit is activated only when cooling is actually required. The integrated thermal mass ensures that the system is always ready for operation. Series dryers ensure minimal pressure drop. This saves additional energy, as the required maximum pressure is reduced.

AIR RECEIVERS - Vertical receiver and Galvanized

Whether 90 or 10,000 liters, all KAESER compressed air receivers are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure exceptional durability and economy. You only get genuine KAESER quality with genuine KAESER air receivers. The threads on all KAESER air receivers are precision finished directly after the hot-dip galvanizing process, thereby providing outstanding corrosion protection and aiding reliable installation. Protective caps are attached to ensure the receiver arrives in perfect condition.

AIR FILTERS - Maintenance-friendly, Low-cost clean air.

KAESER FILTERS are key to the preparation of compressed air to all ISO 8573-1 purity classes, and they perform their role with very low-pressure differentials. Their maintenance-friendly design means it is easy to correctly open and close the filter housing, enabling the filter element to be changed quickly and with the minimum of fuss.


With all KAESER products, consumable and spare parts are quality tested to ensure best possible performance. Be safe in the knowledge that all components are guaranteed and are designed to meet the demands of the applicable operating conditions.