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JMG is an authorized dealer of EAE, a leading manufacturer and supplier of busbars and cable trays for industrial and commercial applications.






Busbar systems are used for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy within facilities. Two types of busbar systems are commonly used: Power Busbars and Lighting Busbars.

Lighting Busbar Systems are designed to provide electrical current for lighting circuits between 25A and 32A. These systems offer solutions for DALI and DIM applications, making them suitable for a variety of lighting needs.

On the other hand, Power Busbar Systems are designed to transport and distribute electrical energy from 32A to 6300A. They consist of modular energy transmission and distribution systems with insulated current carrier Aluminium or Copper busbar conductors placed in a closed body. These systems are used to transmit energy from a power source such as a transformer, generator, or panel, or to distribute energy to loads within a facility by receiving energy from current receiving points with tap-off boxes.

Overall, busbar systems are essential for the efficient and safe distribution of electrical energy within facilities, and the choice between Power Busbars and Lighting Busbars will depend on the specific electrical needs of the facility.


Cable Trays and Cable Ladders are essential components for the efficient and safe distribution of cables in commercial or industrial environments. Heavy Duty Cable Trays and Cable Ladders are manufactured from pre-galvanized, electro-galvanized, or hot-dipped galvanized sheet metal, providing a sturdy structure to meet the needs of different sectors. They are designed for indoor and outdoor use and have a covered structure, interlocking splicing options, and a wire tray structure that facilitates high cable density. These trays and ladders are available in standard 3-meter lengths and can be produced in 6-meter lengths using the Roll Forming process. The cable ladders are produced using robotic welding to make them structurally stronger.

For extreme environmental conditions and high-load-bearing requirements, Extra Heavy Duty Cable Trays and Cable Ladders are the ideal choice. They offer the highest load-bearing strength in their class, with a lightweight body designed for high impact resistance. The structural design of these trays maximizes the capabilities of the raw materials used, providing superior performance in extreme conditions.

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