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Using its global strength and market leading position, Legrand has developed a complete range of cable management solutions including:


  • Swifts cable ladder

  • Swifts cable tray

  • Salamandre distribution trunking

  • Cablofil steel wire cable tray

  • Floor systems

  • Perimeter systems


With in-depth knowledge and experience, our expert cable management team provides customers with support and advice for any installation.


Kaeser Compresso
Cable video



Zucchini has become a leading name in busbar power distribution systems and cast resin transformers. 


With one of the most comprehensive ranges on the market, Zucchini offers solutions from 25 A lighting busbar through to 6300 A high power systems, including rising mains.


Zucchini’s cast resin transformers are used in a vast range of applications and represent the most reliable answer for distribution systems, power production, rectification, traction and special requirements.


Kaeser Compresso
busbar trunking
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